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Flashtransfer vario
Flashtransfer vario
Flashtransfer vario
Flashtransfer vario
Сканер для оцифровки кинопленки 16/35 мм. Now in 4k!

5 600 000 руб.

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Сканер для оцифровки кинопленки 16/35 мм.
  • Variable resolution
  • Continuous motion capstan drive system
  • 16/35mm continuous transport film-drive
  • 1200m / 4000 ft reel capacity!
  • Mapping of damaged perforations (Metadata output)
  • Laser optimized picture stabilization and shrinkage
  • compensation for picture and sound (Metadata output)
  • Switchable 3-perf / 4-perf mode
  • Various film transfer speeds up to 25p*
  • Variable shuttle speed with steady image (5-800fps)
  • RGB LED Light source also suitable for Nitrate material
  • Optical sound readers 35mm and 16mm
  • Magnetic sound readers for 35mm and 16mm
  • 9-pin RS422- slave device machine control
  • Tri-level sync
  • Film cleaning roller unit with four PTR's available optional
  • Optical zoom, focus & pan position
  • Controls the signal processing on dedicated hardware
  • Primary colour correction (Black, Gamma, Gain)*
  • Six vector secondary colour correction*
  • Support for MWA “commander” remote control
  • Programmable event notification (Tally, Message box, Beep, Text Overlay, GPIO)
  • Settings memories
  • Settings automation by Cue points
  • Histogram
  • Automatic white balance*
  • Automatic colour balance*
  • Picture enhancement functions (Knee, Detail, Limiter…)*
  • Transport control: Wind, Shuttle, Play and Cue
  • Colour bars*
  • Frame counter
  • B&W scanning*
  • Blanking and Aspect Ratio Conversion*
  • Shrinkage > 4%
  • Adjustable film tension (1N – 6N)

Видеотехника JVC от дилера
Авторизованный сервисный центр


Видеомонтажные комплексы Grass Valley  - в наличии и под заказ! Форматы SD/Full HD/2K/4K в реальном времени! 

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микрофон в подарок!
319 000 руб.

Canon ME20F-SH
Инновационная полнокадровая камера с Full HD, ISO 4 млн и ИК-фильтром
1 399 990 руб.
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