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Flashscan HD
Flashscan HD
Flashscan HD
Flashscan HD
Сканер для оцифровки кинопленки 8 мм, Super 8 мм (9,5 мм., опционально).

3 500 000 руб.

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Сканер для оцифровки кинопленки 8 мм, Super 8 мм (9,5 мм., опционально).
•Film formats: N8, S8 (9,5 optional)
•Sprocketless Capstan transport
•Fast Film Winding
•Motor controlled Zoom and Focus
•Digital stereo audio processing
•Continuous motion film transport
•Supported playback speed: 100fps (preview), 50fps, 25fps,
16.66fps,12.5fps, 10fps, 8.33fps, 5fps
•High energy flashing LED- array with adjustable colour
•Optical Scratch Concealment
•PTR rollers for dust removal
•Hardware based video processing
•Adjustable horizontal framing
•Film deck illumination
•HD 3-chip broadcast camera
•Picture formats: optically adjustable from 16:9 to 4:3
•Laser splice and picture steadiness correction
•Video outputs: switchable to SD 576i, HD 720p and HD 1080i
with embedded audio, BNC
•Option: 2nd Scaler for simultaneous SD/HD output
•Audio outputs: AES/EBU
•Sync: Bi-Level-, Tri- Level- Input, Bi-phase Out
•Programmable GPIO's
•Wide range power supply
•Wow+Flutter weighted on
•DIN 45 507 (IEC 386):<0,08%
•Software based operation via USB

•Controls the signal processing on dedicate hardware
•Primary colour correction (Black, Gamma, Gain)
•Six vector secondary colour correction routing
•Support for JL Cooper panel, MWA flashremote USB,
Tangent Devices
•Programmable event notification (Tally, Message box, Beep, Text Overlay, GPIO)
•Settings memories
•Settings automation by Cue points
•Automatic white balance
•Automatic colour balance
•Picture enhancement functions (Knee, Detail, Limiter)
•Transport control: Wind, Shuttle, Play and Cue
•Colour bars
•Frame counter
•B&W scanning
•Blanking and Aspect Ratio Conversion
•Audio control: Balance, Volume, Channel routing

Видеотехника JVC от дилера
Авторизованный сервисный центр


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